Imagine that your reception will be held in extraordinary stables with vaulted terracotta erected over a century ago by ingenious Tuscan masons  with aisles supported by columns of travertine, and candid mangers of white marble; think to live with your loved ones the charm of an old village remained unchanged over the centuries, spending the days before the wedding amongst walls marked by history, oaks and conifers trees and meadows surrounded by roses and magnolias.

Or you can figure a 'rustic' party, which takes place in the fields with the background of Chianti vineyards and also cutting the wedding cake on an old millstone in the lawn of the park, near the Italian-style Garden ...

However you have been imagined such an important day in your life, we would be delighted to welcome you with kindness and professionality in this special and intense place.

We are in a small ancient village surrounded by forests and the hills of Montagnola Senese, an unspoilt area half an hour from Siena. The stables (Scuderie) were built and inaugurated by Count Luigi Bichi Borghesi and his sister Giuditta, horse great lovers, in 1890. Today we rent these so special Scuderie, thanks their capacity (220 p.) and particularity,  for weddings and events.

The three large halls are all surmounted by groin vaults. Delicate Montagnola Senese marble mangers and white travertine columns embellish the room that was used as the actual stable. On the delicately decorated walls, imitation wall panelling created using the trompe l’oeil technique protected the walls against kicks from the horses, and the stalls once used for the best horses are now used as a cloakroom. The collection of photographs from the early 20th century, taken from the family archives, tells of stories of life lived in the village.

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