The heart of Bichi Borghesi is in a tiny old village where time and history stand still. You won’t find the glossy, idealised Tuscany of the magazines and international film industry here. What you will find is the plain simplicity of one of the last places where the atmosphere of the past seeps out of the walls. You will find delicate colours that still decorate the façade of the villa, the old roses in the park, its hedges, broad pathways and the stables. This is a place where the days are lived at the pace of work in the vineyards and fields, in the same way that happens on fully operational farms... All around is a thick wood populated with holm-oaks and downy oaks typical of the “Montagnola Senese”, crossed by footpaths and wild animals. There are occasional clearings where the 17th century farmhouses commissioned by cardinal Bichi Borghesi stand. The towers of San Gimignano embroider the horizon. The vineyards cultivated with Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes produce excellent quality wines: we are in Chianti Senese.

We have had the great privilege of running this estate since the 17th century and, while it is true that “in order to inherit you have to be able to understand”, we do our best, with enthusiasm, love and respect, to grasp the soul of this intense place, trying to ensure that the original aspects are preserved, despite innovation, much as possible. 

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